The structural basis of the seven letters was examined and compared with Egyptian texts. Three documents with parallel structures were found, one in the Book of Caverns and two in the Book of the Dead.  The following example outlines the structural parallel between Chapter 115 of the Book of the Dead and Revelation's letter to Philadelphia.


(Events are arranged in the order in which they appear in the Book of the Dead; verse numbers indicate relative positions of parallels in the Book of Revelation). 



Book of the Dead
Chapter 115


Book of Revelation
Chapter 3

Parallel Element


1. I have opened up the circle of darkness.

Rev. 3:7 -- I have set before you an open door 

Something is opened.  


2. I know the souls of ... (I know) the hostile acts

Rev. 3:8 -- I know your works.


Knowledge of activities.  


3.  priest of Heliopolis [who] was not initiated through revelation 

Rev. 3:9b -- those ... who say they are Jews and are not


Those with false credentials.


4. Him who is in his burning,

Rev. 3:9a -- those of the synagogue of Satan

Reference to Apophis (=Satan ).


5. his mouth was injured, and that is how the reduction in the mouth came about

Rev. 3:9c -- those ... who ... lie

Reference to lies.


6. Re’s passing came into being.

Rev. 3:11a -- I am coming soon  

Arrival of a deity.


7. the mighty one was stripped in the temple

Rev. 3:11b -- hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown.

Stripping of authority.


8. he will become High-priest

Rev. 3:12a -- I will make him a pillar in the temple.

Person made an Egyptian "Pillar of his mother" priest in the temple 


9. Heliopolis [the holy City of Re which has a counterpart in he heavens]

Rev. 3:12c -- the city of my God ... which comes down from ... heaven,

A holy city of God. 

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