This page presents just three of many sequences of scenes found in the Book of Revelation which parallel sequences in Egyptian texts.


Sequence Example  1
The beasts of Rev. 13

(Rev. 13:1-17& the 4th Division of the Amduat)

A continuous sequence through all three registers

Rev. 13 is perhaps the least understood chapter in Revelation, in part because it describes the book's most the enigmatic characters, the 1st beast and the 2nd beast. Analyses presented in the Egyptian Origin of the Book of Revelation enables a clear and unambiguous interpretation of all its characters and events --- they follow the same pattern of sequences in both Rev. 13 and the 4th Division of the Amduat.

Sequence Example  2
The Woman in the Sky of Rev. 11-12

(Rev. 13:1-17& the 4th Division of the Amduat)

 (An example of a more complex sequence of similar scenes)

The story of the Woman in the Sky, typically assumed to be complete in Rev. 12, actually begins with the last four verses of Rev 11.

Parallel scenes are readily identifiable in ancient Egypts' Books of the Heavens.

These books are somewhat unusual in that they are often depicted as a single large composition in which the Book of Night is depicted as the left side of the sky-goddess, Nut, while the Book of Day is depicted as her right side, as in the picture below. Numerous illustrations and texts describe the events which occur in this composition.

Note that the locations of the scenes parallel to those in Revelation follow essentially the same order as they appear in the Books of the Heavens. Also note that the distribution of these parallels form an essentially closed loop beginning at Rev. 11:15 in the Book of Night and ending at practically the same location at Rev. 12:17.

This finding most clearly demonstrates a remarkable similarity in the order of events described in the two sources. Their cyclical arrangement in Rev. 11-12 conforms with the night-to-day cycle portrayed in the Books of the Heavens.


Example  3
Summary of the Book of Aker


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